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*Our natural insect repellents are legally registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture.

Triple J Citronella Oil

Citronella Oil is a natural insect repellent and contains no chemical pesticides. 100% Citronella Oil is concentrated. When the concentrate is mixed, the spray will keep flies, gnats and mosquitoes way. Each bottle lists several recipes suggestions. Available in 8oz & 17 oz bottles.

Triple J Citronella
Aloe Shampoo

Citronella Aloe Shampoo is a unique formula that is soap and detergent free, therefore it will not strip the natural oils of the hair coat. This shampoo is a nontoxic, all natural concentrate formulated with Citronella Oil, Aloe and other natural ingredients. Available in 32 oz, 1gallon.

Triple J Sheath Cleaner

One of Horse Journals 2000 Products of the Year! This cleaner is a gentle and effective, non-irritating formula especially for equine use that will remove the buildup of body oils, dirt and debris without leaving a residue. Available in 17 oz. containers.

Triple J Coat Sheen

Coat Sheen  is an all natural preparation that contains no oils.  An aqueous base blend of ingredients is an economical and convenient way of applying a show luster to the horses coat without attracting flies. Triple J coat sheen can be sprayed under the saddles and will remove tangles from the mane and tail. 

Triple J Flea Spray

Flea, Fly & Tick Spray contains soothing Aloe, Lanolin and sunscreen. Kills fleas, lice & ticks on horses and foals. Repels gnats, flies and mosquitoes for 2-3 days. Also for use as a grooming aid and coat conditioner.

Available to limited markets. Contact us for details!

Triple J Fly Botanical Spray

All Natural Botanical Fly Spray contains Citronella Oil, Cedar Oil, and Eucalyptus Oil is a conditioned water base. This unique, all natural spray will keep flies, mosquitoes and gnats way from your horse. 

Fly Spray not available in all states, contact us for details.


Triple J Honey Luster Shampoo

Luster Shampoo is formulated for the dark coated horse and will not strip or dry out the coat.  Color intensifying shampoo may be used on multicolored horses. 


Triple J Iodine Spray

Gentle Iodine Spray  is a unique therapeutic control of a broad spectrum of bacteria. It is effective on minor cuts, scratches, as abrasions as well as specific and non-specific skin irritations.  Has no alcohol and therefore is non-irritating. This s a product every horse owner should have in their first aid kit. 

Triple J Medicated Lotion

Equine Medicated Lotion used in the treatment of skin disturbances due to hot spots, minor scratches, saddle sores, moist dermatitis and moist eczema. Triple J Medicated lotion can be applied as often as 3 times a day. 

Triple J Medicated Shampoo

Medicated Shampoo is designed for horses to aid in the therapeutic control of common skin disorders such as saddle sores, hot spots, moist eczema and flaky dry skin. Triple J medicated shampoo is a mild but effective medicated shampoo and may be used as frequent as everyday. 

Triple J Moisture Therapy

Moisture Therapy is formulated to assist in preserving the natural moisture in the hoof. Moisture Therapy contains Purified Emu Oil, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. This Non-Oily based product conditions and moisturizes the skin, and keeps hooves pliable, adding strength, at a safe level.

Triple J Oatmeal Aloe Shampoo

Oatmeal Aloe Shampoo contains colloidal oatmeal and hydrolyzed oat protein in a soap free non-detergent shampoo base. Provides relief from itchy scaling and sensitive skin. Also contain emollients to restore natural moisture to the skin. This is a hypoallergenic formulation. 

Triple J Whitener Shampoo

Whitener Shampoo is a special formulation that is designed for application on white, grey and other light coated horses. This shampoo can be used on horses with white stockings and blaze.  Contains no bleaching agents provides a soft natural, brighter shine to coat and helps repel dirt and stains. 

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Triple J Sheath Cleaner
One of Horse Journals 2000 Products of the Year!

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"Of the 4 products we tried,
our favorite was Triple J
Sheath Cleaner. It lathered
the best, making it easier
to work with, and was the
most effective in softening
and loosening smegma."
- July 2003 John
Lyons' Perfect Horse

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