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Every young child would benefit from the principles learned in owning and caring for a horse. Horses are great teachers as they will teach responsibilities in feeding and care, respect for size and attitude (disposition) and also patience in getting a horse to see things your way.

I’ve seen kids start riding about the same time that they learned how to walk. Also, people that could hardly walk anymore are still able to ride. All aspects of horseback riding are possible with the right horse.

Most of the time, ones ability or disability can be fit to the right horse, but you have to know how to look for the right horse. You have to take your time and look around. Don’t jump at the first one that comes along, and don’t be hustled into something you’ll soon regret. The size of the horse is not as big a deal as the attitude. Of course you don’t want to put a really big person on a really little horse, but you can put someone that is small on a big horse, if you find the right match.

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A gelding is a horse that has been cut and almost always seems to be more tolerable than a stud or a mare. The overall attitude of a gelding doesn’t seem to change as much. They are more trustworthy, a better keeper, easier to manage and maintain and can be more than one persons horse.

In the good old days, you just jumped on a horse and taught yourself to ride. Right or wrong you just did it. You got by and adjusted to whatever you had to, maybe picking up bad riding and caring habits. Old or young, bad habits are hard to break for both you and your horse. It's a lot easier to learn the right way from the start and you should find a good trainer or someone who is knowledgeable and who is willing to share that knowledge with you. Find a trainer, go to their barn, look at the horses, see the kind of shape their in, and if you like what you see, watch them how they ride and handle their horses. If you think their method suits you, and they are gentle and caring with their horses, then more than likely you will benefit from their instruction. This type of person can also help you with the right place to board or keep your horse. If you’re building a barn or fence this person can help you make the right decision with the daily care and maintenance of your horse.

Always get a current coggins and health certificate before you buy. It’s a good idea to let a vet check the animal before you by also. The previous vet should keep an up to date shot record and can tell if the horse has had any past problems. The vet can also examine the mouth of the horse to tell the correct age.

The cost of a horse can vary depending on what the horses ability is, the area, the age, the coloring, how much training and the kind of training the horse has been through. Unlike used automobiles, pricing of horses varies greatly. Hopefully, our horse care tips that are available here on our website will help answer some of your more common questions.

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